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IntelliFlash Flash Expansion Shelf
Entry and High-Density Flash Arrays for Mixed Workloads

IntelliFlash HD-Series

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Consolidate All Your Workloads Onto a High Performance Flash Platform

Make the transformation to an all-flash data center, by consolidating your mainstream enterprise applications onto a scalable and economical all-flash storage platform. Consolidate everything from databases, virtual servers, VDI, and line-of-business applications onto IntelliFlash HD-Series and HD-Series all-flash arrays. Go from pilot to production with a few clicks of a button, scale your storage infrastructure with ease, and achieve substantial savings in data center footprint and operational efficiency.

Hyper-Consolidate your Data Center

At the core of IntelliFlash HD-series arrays is the same software architecture that powers Western Digital’s award-winning portfolio of NVMeTM-flash and hybrid flash arrays. The IntelliFlash platform brings several years of innovation in flash management, data persistence, and data management, enabling IntelliFlash HD-series to deliver unprecedented levels of consolidation, simplicity, and economics. Enterprises that have deployed multiple IntelliFlash arrays to run any and all of their application workloads are able to consolidate them onto the same array to achieve better economics at scale.

Increase ROI from Your Infrastructure

Achieve tremendous OPEX and CAPEX savings from your storage platform that is easy to maintain, energy efficient, and features inline data reduction. IntelliFlash HD-Series enables you to consolidate all your workloads and data onto a single array to achieve the best balance of performance and economics at scale. You’ll also enhance your users’ application experience and stay on budget.

Realize Your Vision of the Software-Defined Data Center

Deploy hundreds of virtual machines and desktops in minutes, not hours, with one-click provisioning. Adapt how you access storage without overhauling your storage infrastructure. IntelliFlash T-Series all-flash arrays enable you to handle diverse virtual workloads, maximize server efficiency, and achieve business agility.




  • Scalable Architecture - Dual active controller scale-up architecture supports easy capacity and performance growth
  • High Capacity and Density - Over 5PB‡ of effective capacity in a compact 10U footprint
  • Sustained Performance - High throughput and low latency for mixed workload consolidation
  • Unified Storage - Native block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, CIFS, SMB3) access that can be run concurrently
  • Comprehensive Data Services - Inline deduplication and compression, snapshots, read/write clones, and thin provisioning
  • Affordable Disaster Recovery - Replicate between NVMe-flash, all-flash, and hybrid flash configurations
  • VMware® Support - Includes a VMware vCenter® plug-in and integration with VMware SRM and VAAI
  • Simplified Management - Single UI management for all operations


  • One Flash Platform for ANY Workload - An industry-leading all-flash array that enables you to transform to an all-flash datacenter.
  • The Performance you want - IntelliFlash HD-series arrays can handle your most intense workloads.
  • The Capacity you need - Performance means nothing if you don’t have the space to use it. IntelliFlash HD-series delivers petabytes of capacity in a single rack. Unmatched Economics - With industry-leading densities, you will find the perfect balance of performance and economics.
  • Simple Scaling - As needs change, you can add all-flash expansion shelves. Unmatched Compatability - With multiple certified configurations with Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and many others, IntelliFlash HD-series is ready for your IT environment.
  • Reduced OpEx - With a platform that is energy efficient, features inline data reduction, and is easy to maintain, you can save on power, cooling, and labor.


Models FE-10 FE-25 FE-50 FE-100 FE-200
Shelf Type All-Flash
Storage Capacity
Flash Memory (TB) 11.5 23 46 92 184
Disk Storage (TB) N/A
Form Factor (RU) 2U
Weight (Lbs) 80
Power (Watts) 218


Download the IntelliFlash HD-Series Datasheet (PDF).

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